July ,2017. Mayor of Coria del Rio and the President of Hasekura association visited Mayor of Ishinomaki to make a solicitation to save the boat.


August , 2019.  Mr. Japón visited Ishinomaki and asked again to override the decision.


August, 2013.  A group of Japón-sans visited Tsukinoura port, Ishinomaki.


August ,2013.  A group of Japón-sans joined a summer festival in Ishinomaki.


August ,2013.  A group of Japón-sans and a choir of Coria del Rio held a joint choir concert in Ishinomaki with the choirs in Ishinomaki and Sendai.

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November, 2015.  A group of Japón-sans visited Ishionmaki.


November, 2017.  Mayor of Coria del Rio and the President of Hasekura Association visited San Juan Museum.


November, 2017.  Mayor of Coria del Rio and the President of Hasekura Association visited Tsukinoura port, Ishinomaki.


March,2019. Cobaltore Onagawa Junior youth players visited Coria del Rio as Japón-Hasekura delegation. Hasekura Cup with CF Coria and Real Betis.  Members of Circle Wind Boys & Girls Choir from New York sang the national anthem just before the football games.


August,2019.  A couple in the Japón delegation held a Japanese style wedding ceremony at Shozan Kan in Sendai.


August, 2019.  A group of Japón-sans visited San Juan Museum.


August ,2019.  A group of Japón-sans paid a visit to Mayor of Onagawa.

Japón-Hasekura Supporting Association Stands by the Association of Saving the San Juan Bautista!

In July, 2019, volunteers in Ishinomaki formed “the Association of Saving the San Juan Bautista” to override the Miyagi prefecture’s decision to demolish the replica ship. Their resolution is described as below. We would like to share their “passion” together.

The reasons why they decided to form this association to save the boat are as follows;​

  1. This replica boat was launched in 1993. She was supposed to maintain at least for fifty years, but Miyagi prefecture has already determined its demolition. We cannot agree with the process as to how this decision was made as well as how their alternative idea of building a FRP replica by 1/4 size was created.

  2. Only the actual size wooden boat can convey their journey’s hardship and the atmosphere. Visitors can feel those historical heroes’ remarkable achievements by actually staying in her small living spaces even for a while. It had been said to be impossible to rebuild the huge wooden boat as it used to be. However the advanced woodworks technology and skilled craftsmanship were put together to successfully rebuild the boat. We strongly believe that such rarity and historical value must be preserved for the next generation.

  3. This ship is a symbol of our recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. We would remember the devastation for the next generation with “the typical remain of disaster” as well as the remembrance of our historical heroes. 

  4. Among the others, we, Ishinomaki citizen, are proud of this boat, and strongly believe that she is the heritage not only of the people in Miyagi prefecture but also of the world.


With the above in mind, we decided to ask Miyagi prefecture and Ishinomaki city to reconsider their decision and to preserve this ship, telling our future generation of the great accomplishment by our predecessors.  The prospectus of the association is described "HERE".

Now, we, Japón-Hasekura Supporting Association, would like to declare our full support for the campaign by the above association in Ishinomaki along with our friends and colleagues in the world, including Japón-sans in Coria del Rio, Spain with whom we have spent some wonderful time together through sharing music, sports, movies, haiku-reading, tea ceremony, Ikebana flower arrangement, etc.

We have run our own campaign to save the boat with Mr. Modesto Gonzalez, Mayor of Coria del Rio, and Mr. Juan Francisco Japón, President of Hasekura Association in Coria del Rio. In November, 2017, Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Japón visited Mayor of Ishinomaki, Mr. Kameyama.  Mr. Gonzalez made a solicitation to save the boat during the meeting. They did the same in the meetings with Mr. Kawabata, Miyagi prefecture’s Deputy Governor, as well as Ms. Kori, Mayor of Sendai. In August, 2019, a group of over 20 Japón-sans visited Miyagi from Coria del Rio as the first Raiwa delegation. Mr. Juan Francisco Japón did ask Ishinomaki Mayor again to override their decision.

We believe that the existing replica of the San Juan Bautista boat must be preserved to transmit more than 400 year history between Spain and Japan over the years and to remember the disaster as its recovery symbol with the pride of our home country. 
Please give us your vote. 



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